An introduction is in order, hi i am brendan a law student at unisa currently studying toward my ll.b degree. The degree is challenging yet rewarding at the same time, i do however find it tough sometimes, and im sure a lot of you out there would agree with me when i say its not easy!

Many of you im sure have also struggled to get vac work or at least some law job that will allow you to experience what it would be like to work as an attorney. However, the truth is slightly different from the perception…the perception being that attorneys go to trial and court. This couldnt be further from the truth, since most attorneys spend more time in litigation and drafting of legal documents, and of course hours of research.

My aim here is to share what i have learnt with you and to learn from you, i am therefore looking at at symbiotic relationship. The law is not easy, so why not work together to achieve a common objective?
If you have any suggestions on what you would like to discuss or a specific topic dont hesitate to mention it, or alternatively send me an email.




cmon reply, it is more fun if you contribute :D

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