The protests continue over the freedom on info Act. The National Council of Provinces has voted in favour of the the act and therefore the act will return for a vote at the National Assembly, this would be easily passed by the National Assemblies dominant ANC presence. If voted in this Act would prevent many people access to information pertaining to government and their workings, the press is obviously not in favour of this approach and to a certain extent i am inclined to agree with them. However, i do think the constitutional court will have to decide on the matter or the President himself may ask the court to adjudicate the matter.
Whatever the outcome, we must bear in mind that the court will decide the issues only once they materialise and not before. Some have commented that the court should be approached now, however this is not possible since the court would most likely dismiss the application because it is moot.

A further scenario to consider is the fact that certain state entities need to preserve their functions and daily dealing as secret. A prime example would be the NSA (National security agency), The Hawks, Police, Military, The Presidency (Secrete service) and maybe a few more. We as citizens would actually be putting ourselves in danger if we became aware of state secrets or information regarding “sensative” information.
What that information is…well it does not really matter, the point is we should not want to know. Think about you really want to know what the NSA is doing right now, who they watching? why? how they get their information? from whom? when? why? interrogations? i doubt it, because they would probably have to make you disappear sooner rather than later.

In my personal opinion i dont believe the act will pass constitutional muster, its too broad, the penalties too heavy and its not in line with the constitutions transparent approach. That said, i do think it has its place regarding the above mentioned institutions and some. lets hear what you have to say….



  1. These politicians are so corrupt it won’t make a difference this is just an attempt to thwart the investigative process and the hawks


  2. It could be…then again nothing will stop the corrupt from corrupting. The creation of any new law preventing access to government information or misinformation will not turn the tide against corruption. The law in its current form will probably not pass constitutional scrutiny in any case.


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