cv application to law firms

There are many potential employers for law graduates, however there are many more graduates than positions available. There are therefore certain requirements when applying to the larger law firms, these firms like ENS, Webber Wentzel, Norton Rose, Bowman and Gilfillan and Cliff Dekker Hofmeyr are primarily concerned with academic performance. Although not entirely based on your academic performance your application will more than likely succeed in getting an interview if your marks are averaging above 65 percent and you have another degree or have some other aptitude that may set you apart from the crowd. For instance you are regularly on the moot court team or have worked at a smaller law firm before, or maybe you have worked in the corperate enviroment before.

Simply applying with academic transcripts alone is no longer the norm. Most larger firms require a piece of writing such as as marked essay from your university coupled with a letter of recommendation from the Dean of law students. Thus applying and landing an interview with a major law firm is not easy, however one should not be discouraged and you should therefore enjoy the challenge.
If you dont succeed the first time do not be discouraged, apply again and keep applying. Chickening out after the first attempt only solidifies the notion that you are not prepared to try harder…try harder, work harder and come back to the second interview armed with better marks or another aptitude to impress them with. Not only will that impress them but it will also show your resolve and your ability to rise to the challenge. And dont forget to ensure your cv is up to date, with correct phone numbers ect..

good luck.



  1. Usefull post. And the links made it really easy


  2. no problem, thanks for the visit


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