Menzi simelane is no longer working for the NPA. The Johannesburg bar has also brought disciplinary procedures against Simelane the charges of which are serious enough to lead to disbarment.

“They come from allegations that he interfered in the independence of the national director of public prosecutions. If found guilty, he faces disbarment,” However Simelane may receive a substantial financial settlement from the NPA for paying him out for the balance of his contract.

The NPA and the Presidency have not issued comment relating to the termination of Simelanes contract with the NPA. Simelana the former head of the National Prosecuting Authority until the constitutional court put an end to the madness was still working for the NPA until recently.

Simelane and avid tweeter has not revealed his “exit strategy” yet and has not attended hearing at the JHB bar in defence of the allegations against him.




  1. Just another zoomer puppet


  2. that was always the case, however this not uncommon. Most governments have influence over higher ranking officials even in the prosecuting authority. Its not a new thing either, remember JKF hired his own brother as chief prosecutor.
    It would seem people have a lot of time to waste concentrating on this nonsense.


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