Well its back to full time work and full time studies for me, i enjoyed my holiday and i hope you enjoyed yours. New Years resolutions? nah not for me, new years day is just another day in my opinion, and quite frankly its never really made any sense to me why some folks go all bonkers over it.

Im back at UNISA this year after a year at an “attendance” university, which i enjoyed. I enjoyed engaging with the lectures and some of my class colleagues on topical issues. There were a few drawbacks though, i found it very expensive (i pay for my own studies) at R25000 for the year including text books, sometimes the lecturers dont pitch, and your final mark is based on a year mark they call a “dp”, the dp is calculated as follows: 50% for work done during the semester,eg: tests and essays, and the remaining 50% is made up of the exam mark. Im sorry but i dont agree with that method. But i did it and it was ok, my marks weren’t bad, my overall average for the year at the university was above 65% and included a few distinctions. That said i did poorly in some subjects i felt i could have done better….

This semester im taking four subjects and hoping to improve my overall average by the end of this year. I have joined an online community of UNISA students at  website called studynoteswiki or SNW, the purpose of which is to share and assist each other through the learning process, which at UNISA can become quite lonely. However with the aid of snw i hope to take as much as i can out of the learning experience and share as much as possible.  The great part about snw is the fact that its free, all services available on the site are for free and the community is open to all those that are registered, so there are no private rooms or fees to be paid.

On another note….I was asked my legal opinion today while at work (yaaaa), and no i dont work in the legal field. It was quite cool actually, however i did make it clear to my colleague that i may not dispense with legal advise and may not take any money connected therewith.  She insisted on giving my opinion of her specific legal issue, which to be blunt was rather simple and mundane. It  revolved around a contract of liability for injuries and so forth. That wasn’t the issue though, the issue was that her fiance had fallen off the bike and in so doing the bike was damaged. The company then sent the repair invoice to her for payment under the contract she signed, HOWEVER, upon reading the contract one notices very quickly that no such clause exists between her and the opposing party, the contract she signed only exempts the opposing party from liability (which in itself was void for attempting negate basically all her rights) and said nothing about her being liable in the case of an accident or otherwise. In fact the entire contract is silent on the issue. I told her dont worry about it and listen to the advise given to her by her attorney, who as it turns out said almost verbatim what i said…”The contract is silent on the issue, there is no liability here”. Bam!! i feel like a champion, jokes aside though i felt pretty cool about it :)!!  And the other contract she signed with the company was in german…yes you read that correctly…GERMAN. Thats just ridiculous, we south african, we speak english and afrikaans, well she does in any case and thats all that matters. In my opinion both are void for two different reasons and the company should be paying for her fiances injuries not trying squeeze money out of her.  Anyway it was just amazing to me how some companies will take a chance with you and try push you. Not cool.

Good luck to all those studying this semester and lets get as many distinctions as possible.





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