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It looks as if “steve” from beep bank may be the eventual winner here. FNB has been silenced by the ruling party no matter what they say. What is really strange about the entire situation is that FNB has granted President Jacob Zuma a loan of R900000 toward the much talked about Nkandla development>

Yet FNB seem to be taking the moral high ground with release of their new youth orientated ad campaign.
With youths openly defiant and disillusioned with the ANC governement. The government with the ANC youth league in tow attacked and criticised the ad campaign as “treasonous”. Obviously its not in the leading parties best interests to be seen like that on national television, especially when you consider that these youths are future voters.

HOWEVER, this should not stop FNB with steve in tow of continuing the ad campaign. It seems “his masters voice” has spoken and FNB have the canned the ad campaign, stating it was “misinterpreted”!!
This seems to be more of FNB getting told to keep quiet by the ruling party, i did not notice anything in the ad campaign that was so appalling that it would need to be censored. This is a step backward.
A step toward the apartheid regime, in which freedom of speech was MIA.

Private business should not be put under pressure from the government to “silence” or stop an ad campaign in order for the ANC or any government to save face or spare ridicule. We live in a democracy underpinned by freedoms. One of those freedoms is freedom of speech. Not uncontrolled freedoms since we do have section 36 the limitation clause. FNB should be able to continue their ad campaign without fear of reprisals from the government in charge.

Some outspoken ANC follower stated that the ads put a bad light on the anc government and that the ANC should not be seen as corrupt since there was no evidence of that!! I shudder to think how he was employed, he obviously forgot about Mr golf shaik, Tony Yengeni, the three anc councillors on trial now in the the North cape for corruption, the damming statistics of the UN council for corruption, Matthew Wolmarans who was convicted of murdering an ANC councillor who reported him for corruption. The list im sure is longer, but this was just off the top of my head. Please feel free to add….. want more?
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Let us not continue to go backwards, lets strive to promote the freedoms enshrined in the constitution.



  1. i’m still in the dark with regards to the silencing of FNB, what excatly was the reason behind this seemingly prejudicial action? and how is the ANC involved- forgive my naivety…i haven’t been paying attention to the new lately/


    1. It would seem the ANC was offended by FNB’s ad campaign. The anc contacted fnb stating their grievance with the advert of the little girl moaning about the state of our country ect ect…. What bothers me about the anc’s actions was its successful attempt to intimidate fnb into stopping the ads and i find it disparaging that fnb folded so quickly.
      We have a constitutional right to freedom of expression and other related freedoms, the ad made by fnb was not so bad or awful that it had to be pulled from air, in fact i found the advert quite inspiring. The anc took exception, maybe the anc government knows what needs to be done and hasnt acted on it and feels bad about not fulfilling their mandate or they are simply trying to cover for themselves the mistakes they have up until now and also dont want the public reminded of their shortcomings. The anc government also does not want to be held accountable, in fact, in my humble opinion i think they shudder at the mere mention of accountability.

      fnb and the anc are in business and the anc doesnt like its business partners displaying bad publicity about them, particularly the impressionable youth and future voters. The rest you can figure out with common sense


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