It’s that time of the year again for most students….exam revision time. Love it or hate it, its gotta be done. There are a myriad of different websites offering different ways to do this and even more offering tips on how to study effectively.

I dont read to many of the articles concerned with this, i know myself better than anyone and know what works for me. I am one of those that needs to start exam prep early, the earlier the better. The whole “get more sleep” idea just doesnt work for either, i get alot of my work done at night. However i do not stay up all night doing it.

My main aim or purpose when studying anything is to understand what it is i am reading, simply reading and attempting to memorise the entire book has never made any sense to me….it seems rather pointless. Since by understanding the work leads one to logical conclusions and therefore the correct answer in any case. Logical sequencing and pattern recognition has always been an intergral part of my learning process.

Whichever method you use to achieve your goals (pass, distinction ect) the most important thing to remember in my opinion is to not over do prep. keep it simple, short and above all STRUCTURED. By this i mean planning everyday in advance and taking into consideration the order of the exams. Not the difficulty or volume. These two factors seem to be overestimated in my opinion, as there are very few subjects that require extra attention or are so difficult or complicated that they require extra attention. Besides that part of the work should have been taken care of during the semester not at exams doorstep.

Another facet of exams is nervousness, this is a natural response to writing exams. However it can overwhelm some people and therefore have a detrimental effect on their performance, if this is your problem, visit your gp and ask for ritalin AKA methelphenidate. It now comes in small doses that last only 4 hours or less (10mg) and if taken correctly can work effectively. HOWEVER, it must be remembered that ritalin is now a schedual 6 drug which means you will have to go back everytime for the prescription and above all….DO NOT ABUSE THIS SUBSTANCE!! Ritalin is extremely volatile and dangerous if you overdose.

I wish all those preparing for exams the very best and good luck 😉



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