I did my admin law exam yesterday. Ran out of time, and couldnt complete all the questions, i think i did well enough though. Im not a 50% kind of guy, but i will take it if it comes my way.

The exam wasnt difficult, just time consuming, alot of longer type questions which included warnings to apply the theory we learnt to the facts in the scenario….Ms REF Ugee! Shame that poor woman, got her asylem seeker permit cancelled by a “biased” administrator! lol

To be fair though the Lecturer did send out a pdf document with “slides”. These slides were basically a shortened version of the text book, with only the important bits needed for the exam….as the younger generation call it — “scope”.

When i was at school and my first time at varsity…more than 10 years ago, there was no “scope” given.
But i will gladly accept if unisa handout 😉 Im sure most of the students will pass this module first time and hopefully just as many get distinctions.

Its past 11 at night im at work and better get back to it….good luck for the rest of the exams!!


cmon reply, it is more fun if you contribute :D

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