The above indicates my gratitude to Richard Simeon.
I was paging through my constitutional law text book and cases wondering what exactly i need to learn in order to understand this subject. Not that im an idiot or anything, i just didnt understand the fundamentals, the true essence of what this facet of the law is about.

I could just as easily “parrot fashioned” the entire module and been done with it….but i just couldnt allow my self to do that, i became absorbed by the Constitution, its cases and above all its transcendent nature.
I began researching constitutional law articles, essays, anything i could get my hands to supplement my need for further understanding, and them BAM! Google gave me this: The south african Constitution in comparative context. Hmmm i thought, what would this bloke from Canada know about our Supreme law?

Well as it turn out ALOT!

I recommend, in my humble opinion that any law student studying Constitutional Law should read this essay and i strongly believe that many more should make this a compulsory read. It really enlightened my understanding of Federalism , constitutionalism and how it all works.

Mr Simeon’s insights are profound, interesting, illuminating yet his use of language enable even a moderately good english/law student to understand what is being conveyed. He explains his work logically and in a format that takes the reader easily from one subject to the next.

I used this essay when doing my fundamental rights essay and for the module itself.
I found this work was easy to understand and yet contained most of what i was looking for. It was because of this work that enabled me to fully understand Fundamental rights, i got 95% for my essay and 85% in the exam!
and if it can work for me it can work for anyone.

The essay can be found at the top of this page above the picture (dont ask me how it got there, i dont know)
or in the Constitutional cases tab.


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