I went to my first exam the other day at the new exam venue in cambridge in east london.
Well let me just say how unexcited i was to step out my car and into the rubbish heap that awaited me….
The whole outside of the building is strewn with rubbish, used condoms, booz bottles ect. not to mention the people loitering around there.

I want to be able to write my exam not having to worry about my car being broken into, or worse the smell of the trash getting into my car? Anyhow, im sure UNISA can find a more suitable place for their students (us) to write exams and not that rubbish dump!!

If UNISA wishes i will personally find alternate office space in which to write exams at their prescribed budget. THe current hall inside is ok, but the outside it littered with rubbish and dodgy looking people just hanging around….waiting for what exactly??

I will post pictures
i originally wanted to post pictures when writting this post, however ive decided to just write about it and post pictures later. Anybody who has been to this venue in east london cannot deny it, its dirty!

Maybe UNISA should consider actually INSPECTING possible exam venues in the future, because it seems to me that this particular aspect was overlooked.

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  1. WOW! How terrible for you!
    Here in Dubai, my first exam venue was in a very old building (5 yrs ago) in old part of townm which was part office and part residential. The smell of greasy cooking was so overwelming and the bathrooms etc were old and dirty. It felt very uncomfortable.
    Luckily the next few years it moved around quite a lot in various schools, until it finally settled (seems like it ) at a College, which make me feel like a proper student !!!
    Luckily, we are usually only about 10 people writing at the same time, so one small class room.
    I wrote one exam once at Pretoria Showgrounds and I was so overwhelmed with the amount of people in the hall! It was quite intimidating after our intimate Dubai experiences (alot more pleasant!).

    Definately complain! We usually get comment forms to sign.
    Hope it didnt affect your writing too much and you did very well in your exams!!


    1. hi, I’m thinking of studying through UNISA while based in UAE. I can’t find many testimonials for unisa study whilst abroad, just wondering on getting your opinion as to how it all works? id appreciate any reply! imupforlife @ gmail . com


      1. Hi Megan, I just sent you an email, apologies for the delay


  2. i was considering writting to UNISA. however i do not know who i would approach?
    Is there somebody specific in the exams dept? or is this type of complaint addressed to someone else?

    In fact i will write to UNISA and go speak to someone at the local office. eff this sh&t!!
    I dont see why i must write in a dump

    anyhow, good luck for your exams and i hope you do well 🙂


  3. Hi Guyz!

    Well what an experience yu had. I just wanna ask something, how ar yu guyz receiving your study material here in UAE. Was considering continuing with my studie with unisa whilst i am here in UAE but i am not sure how am i going to receive my study material. I have thought of receiving it through mail but wont it take ages to get here. DHL is another option but before i use it is there any advice or unisa offiice here in UAE that can help me get on with my studies.

    Your help will be highly appreciated guyz.


    1. we get our study material online. on myunisa.
      you pay your registration fee and for the modules you are doing. then you will get allocated a myunisa page with your own password ect. all your study material is available on your myunisa webpage. you will also get your unisa email account.
      you can submit your assignments online on your myunisa page too.

      go here >> https://my.unisa.ac.za/cmsys/myunisa/UnisaChanging.html

      good luck 😉


    2. Hi. I was of you did find a place to buy your textbooks from in UAE? I am south African and just applied to UNISA but have not found a way to buy my textbooks


      1. i have no idea. but you buy online and have them shipped to you.


  4. Hi guys, my husband and I are moving to dubai from South Africa , where do I buy the books from ,


    1. you can buy them online from any reputable book store and have them delivered to you in dubai


  5. Siphosakhe Mfundisi · · Reply

    Besides from the Cambridge Hall, doesn’t UNISA have another exam venue in East London? I heard about First City Baptist Church or something along those lines. I have no idea how to get to Cambridge, I wrote my previous exam in Pretoria.


    1. nope only the cambridge hall as far as i know


  6. Hi im from SA and a current Unisa student. There’s a possibility that I may have to relocate to Dubai and I’m worried about wether I can continue my studies well within a new country. Anybody who can share their experiences I would really appreciate. U can email me on judithmogotsi225@ gmail.com. N pls share how u go from receiving ur study material to writing exams and how well it all pans out when ur in a different country.



  7. Hi there.

    I have recently relocated to the UAE and I am in my final year of studies through UNISA. I have registered to write my exams in Dubai, but I am struggling to track down the actual exam venue. Can anyone assist.
    Email: pretorius.pretorius@gmail.com




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