My last is exam is ten days away, its property law (pvl3701) and it seems at this point to be a cake walk.
That said, lets not count our steroid infested chickens before they hatch!

I say its a cake walk because i got 100% for both my assignments, both written and mcq. However i have realised over time its better just to ignore those marks and continue to learn. I have also learnt with most legal subjects that if you underestimate the subject it may come back to bite you. So im setting aside my assignment results as void and starting the learning process from the beginning for this exam.

I have updated the Property law page with an addition. The addition is a pdf with notes on property law cases, each cases is set out in logical formation : fact, ratio decidendi, results and so on. Therefore each case is explained and its importance and reasons noted.

Also you will notice i have changed my gravatar for my page. I have done this just because i feel as if sometimes we dont take cognisance of what our constitutional values enshrine. Part of it should be to enlighten as many people as possible, including the young, illiterate and vulnerable.

There are certain portions of society that are pushed aside, ignored or are simply invisible to us. Its these people that need to be educated on their fundamental rights, not only the rights they entitled to but also what their obligations are to the Constitution and the society in which we live. I do not here speak of a “benefit” or “handout” state, No! Im speaking of a state (both contexts) in which the truly underprivileged may apply for help or receive a benefit they need, but only for as long as its needed, and that by accepting such a grant they must now pay back their debt by helping create a society in which we live, work and share together. I know its sounds niave, but at least its a nobel goal!

good luck to all those studying for exams


cmon reply, it is more fun if you contribute :D

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