I have one more exam left…property law, and for whatever reason i am totally demotivated to study for the exam. i feel saturated with learning now, urgh!!

Well im pushing through, got no choice now, too late to stop now.
Another thing thats becoming a side track is the marking of exam scripts….i hate waiting for the marks 😉
drives me nuts, i just wanna find out already.

Im so impatient! I cant stop thinking about it. I keep thinking — i cannot be the only unisa student stalking the myunisa site for results every hour?

who else is doing this?




  1. mcheran34@gmail.com · · Reply

    You not the only one, I know the results will be out on the 8th of jul but somehow I still believe will c my results everyday when logging onto myunisa.. Can’t wait. Any1 who gets the results b4 the 8th let us know
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    1. haha, its good to know im not alone on this.
      i had this strange image in my mind — “your myunisa account has been blocked for permanently stalking the “examination results” tab, please do attempt to open your myunisa account until the 8 of July, thank you” hahahahahaha!

      what exams have you written?


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