How much money does it take to corrupt the average person? ZERO

The latest Harvard study done shows that exposure to money alone can be enough to corrupt!
Researchers found the following>> “Can mere exposure to money corrupt? In four studies, we examined the likelihood of unethical outcomes when the construct of money was activated through the use of priming techniques. The results of Study 1 demonstrated that individuals primed with money were more likely to demonstrate unethical intentions than those in the control group. In Study 2, we showed that participants primed with money were more likely to adopt a business decision frame. In Studies 3 and 4, we found that money cues triggered a business decision frame, which led to a greater likelihood of unethical intentions and behavior. Together, the results of these studies demonstrate that mere exposure to money can trigger unethical intentions and behavior and that decision frame mediates this effect.”

i suggest our government starts their own study using these blokes, hopefully we can dig out more criminals this way. but it also shows that we are not the only country struggling with corruption, even in the USA corruption is rife. Why spend 12 million dollars doing research on something if its not needed or isnt a problem?

maybe unisa will do a study like this sometime?



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