Where can UNISA improve? Take the poll now!

I had a “moment” with UNISA a week ago regarding one of my exam results! It was a rather dubious situation>> I got 100 percent for my essay and 95 perc for my mcq, then in the exam i got “37%”!!! i was mortified. i just could not believe that, thats impossible.

I emailed the relevent dept and had them re check and remark my paper, i was phoned two days later by a friendly lady telling me i had not only passed, but passed easily. In fact my real mark was more than 20% of the original mark awarded!!
The money i paid to have this done was credited to my outstanding fees, therefore my fees are not R315 less than what they were.

have a go at the poll and let me know what you think 🙂




  1. Emile Haughton · · Reply

    Hey Tlg, please let me know what department you inquired for your remark as I haven’t received any feedback in regards to a remark at all, Thanks


    1. i sent an email to the re mark dept. i quote the examinations dept >> “Students may apply at any of the Unisa offices or via email:
      remark@unisa.ac.za. The student number must be indicated in the subject heading.

      Applications must NOT be directed to academic staff.”

      i used the email adress provided by unisa. i also wrote why i felt that i deserved a better mark.
      are you wanting a re check or re mark?


  2. we want residence


    1. good luck with that


  3. Emile Haughton · · Reply

    Asked for a remark


    1. That’s the better option! You might have to wait up to two months for your final mark though.  Did tell them why you think you did better?


    2. good choice, since a re check doesnt help much. did you tell them why you feel you have done better?

      they proabaly wont listen but its worth a try to press the urgency of the matter.


  4. Prethee · · Reply

    Hi, if you don’t mind me asking, which paper was this for.
    I have a similar problem with my admin paper. I did extremely well for the assignments…both over 85% and yet my exam mark came back as 39? I’m also considering a re-mark!


    1. Hi Prethee, i feel for you, i know how you feel!
      write an email to the remark dept and state your entire case (as i did) and then follow up on a daily basis. the email adress is provided in my answer to emile. good luck


  5. sorry Prethee, the module was Property law


    1. Prethee · · Reply

      HI, thanks for the feedback. I’ve asked for a re-mark. Hopefully it comes back good!


      1. good luck Prethee. hope you get the mark you looking for. 🙂


  6. Caitlin · · Reply

    I had an incident about 2 years ago. I did exceptionally well in my assignments, both above 90%.
    When I wrote my exam, I received a mark of 49%.
    I, like you, was absolutely mortified!

    I requested a remark, and upon going through all the necessary processes, I received a mark back that was below 30%.

    I am actually too scared now to have anything remarked, as I went from a supplementary exam to a complete fail!

    I fail to understand how an exam mark can jump from 49% to 25%.



  7. Bernadette · · Reply

    I would recommend two things, one, Unisa to please get back to student queries ASAP. My experience is that they come back when they feel like it. In some cases only a month after a query or request. Secondly if they could include lecture fees in the study fees. Some companies pay for both lectures and study fees but only if the lectures are with Unisa. So seeing that Unisa affiliations with the likes of CTI, Varsity college and Boston offering part-time lectures if would beneficial for all Parties and more specially the student, who will obtain higher marks, Unisa being placed in better light in terms of the kind of students they produce and the third party for argument sake Boston, gain students and profit. The student will obviously have a choice in wanting lectures or not and during registration it should be indicated with or without lectures. The quote will then go out to the students in accordance with their selected type, with or without. In my cash, my company pays the money to me and I then pay Unisa and the other Institute separate. Please please can this avenue be tested? I think it will make a grate impact. Regards Bernadette Applegreen 0741431795


  8. Bernadette · · Reply

    I still had no response to my remark request


    1. Unreal! Unisa does need to improve on responding to queries quicker! Its like a hit and miss situation with them


  9. Oh wow!

    I’m glad you received a prompt response.

    I’m afraid that UNISA needs to improve on EVERYTHING!
    I’m too scared to ask for any remarking of my scripts.

    I find it incredibly hard to believe that I did sooo bad at everything last semester.

    But my biggest worry this semester is that my registration is yet to be finalised even though I paid in full.

    I spoke to a very nice lady this morning and she said she’s look into it and get back to me within 2 days.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    I’m exasperated with UNISA!


    1. did that lady get back to you?


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