boundless heatmap large

The above caption is more or less what an intelligence (NIA, CIA) analyst would see if he were surveying the data busy being captured all over the world. This data is in the form of an algorithm. Therefore the computer is processing billions of bits of information about us on an almost permanent basis. Ranging from our cellphone conversations, texts, to our emails and digital life including Facebook, twitter and the rest of the online universe. Not really rocket science now is it?

That being so I’m surprised by the “uproar” around the United States and many western countries around the world! I’m completely baffled by it! I mean seriously, who does not know that the NSA or CIA or whatever secret organization out there is listening in on conversations and emails etc. etc. etc…. Would I be surprised to find out that our very own NIA (yes we do have one) was spying on us? NO! Why? Because it’s their job. BUT. It must be noted that they are not interested if you have had a blow job today, or are having an affair with jlo! The NSA or NIA does not care about your personal life and nor does the super computer sifting through MOUNTAINS of information.

I will quote what our very own NSA is doing and looking for, “The Domestic Branch focuses on individuals, groups and organizations that engage in the following:
Terrorism, which are deliberate and premeditated attempts to create terror through symbolic acts through the use or threats of lethal force to create psychological effects that will influence a target group or individual and translate into political or material results
Sabotage, which are activities or purposeful omissions conducted or planned for purposes of endangering the safety, security or defense of vital public or private property, such as installations, structures, equipment or systems
Subversion, which includes activities directed at undermining by covert unlawful acts, or directed at or intended ultimately to the destruction or violent overthrow of the constitutionally established system of government in South Africa
Espionage, which are unlawful or unauthorized activities conducted to acquire information or assets relating to sensitive social, political, economic, scientific or military matters of South Africa or their unauthorized communication to a foreign state.
Organized crime, which includes analysis of the origins and reasons behind organized crime, the identification of key role players, the nature and extent as well as modus operandi of organized crime syndicates.”

You will notice at the top of this quote the word “domestic” meaning within our borders, which means??? That’s right folks, we are “domestics”, “natives”, “incolas” and “south Africans” of South Africa, which means they get the information they need to catch the bad guys from us and the baddies.

Another anomaly that is irritating me at this point it this>why do people want the government to make every document available for public perusal or scrutiny? How is the NIA supposed to function properly without a quantum of secrecy? Seriously people? c’mon! I’m not talking the gestapo here or Himmler’s SS….NO! These guys protect our national security, interests and believe it, our online and data usage and coverage, they have been doing it for decades!

When it comes to secrecy I believe some dept. should ALWAYS have secrecy, including but not limited to:
The dept. of defense
The state security agency
The hawks
The saps crime intelligence unit

Without secrecy these agencies would cease to exist, why? Because they would become useless. Unable to protect their information from the bad man robber, the press, and basically any other bad guy that would use that important information to take whatever he wants! It’s also important in that they need to protect their sources. Human intelligence is the most valuable commodity in the intelligence field, regardless of the entire computer based Intel out there. For it was the great Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu that said the following, “It is essential to seek out enemy agents who have come to conduct espionage against you and to bribe them to serve you. Give them instructions and care for them. Thus doubled agents are recruited and used.” and “Secret operations are essential in war; upon them the army relies to make it’s every move.” this was true a thousand years ago and is still true today.

As for Snowden. In my mind he is nothing more than a run of the mill criminal, he broke the law KNOWING he was doing so, knowing he was putting millions of people’s lives at risk, knowing that he may have compromised one the most important data capturing missions of our time. He didn’t care, he continued to share information with people he was not supposed to. This is not a hero! He’s a self-centered analyst that thought he was more important that the system. I hope he gets what he deserves! Civil liberties? Well we can only have those if we are protected from our enemies, and the easiest and most effective way of doing that is through the Intel community like the NIA and CIA of the world. Civil liberties is not within itself an all-encompassing right, it has its limits, and those limits sometimes mean we need to sacrifice a small portion of that in order to protect our freedom.
Thats my two cents.


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