And here it is:

“Dear Valued Student

I am addressing this communiqué to you following the airing of the Carte Blanche programme on Sunday 25 August 2013, which I am certain that many, if not all of us, must have seen, heard or read about. The programme, as you may already be aware, raised very serious and disturbing issues with regard to the university’s assignment and examination assessment processes, as well as general service delivery.

We had an intensive discussion about this at a Management Committee meeting and all of us are of the common view that while the issues that were raised do not reflect the existence of a pervasive problem within the university’s assessment systems and processes, they nevertheless have a very negative impact on the reputation and integrity of the university.

In view of this, we have immediately instituted an urgent, incisive and all-inclusive audit of the assessment processes with a view to identifying the root causes of the kinds of problems that were brought to our attention.

This process will include a review of the appointment of markers employed by the university, improvement of quality control measures for the assignment and examination management processes and all other relevant levels, a review of service delivery to you, and a review of our communication practices and systems. Most importantly, we have also requested the relevant portfolios to take an urgent and sharp look at the specific issues raised by Carte Blanche and, where responsible staff members are found to have been negligent, to take immediate and appropriate disciplinary steps against them, which may include possible dismissal.

On behalf of management, I need to assure you that your interests as a student of Unisa remain our top priority and we recommit ourselves to strengthening and improving our service delivery and communication processes to ensure that your experience as a Unisa student is a pleasant one.

I also want to appeal to you to raise all your concerns through the university’s channels of communication and, in the event that you do not receive the assistance required, I invite you to raise the matter with the Office of the Registrar, my office or the Unisa Ombudsman.

Kind regards
Prof Mandla Makhanya
Principal and Vice-Chancellor
28 August 2013”

hopefully something positive will come out of this!!




  1. George Cupido · · Reply

    Disturbing is the understatement of the decade. This matter will not be brushed under the carpet like yesterdays news, the university has made money out of as and we want to know the reason for it, who will be paying for ir and how are we gonna be compensated for this unfortunate situation.


  2. Unisa has issued a statement to the public at large. Thats not rug sweeping! lets see what comes of this investigation. if nothing worthwhile comes out of this there is always the ombudsman and the dept of higher ed and saqa.


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