My academic year officially done and dusted! :D

my own beach

My results this year have not been mind blowingly good, nor have they been devastatingly poor!
I have managed, this year to find some sort of consistency, passing all my subjects first time. Sure, some better than others, but still a good year and im sure if given this at the begining of the year i would have taken it!

My overall average for the degree so far is hovering around 64%, i will try to improve that to above 65% next year. My main aim being to ensure i can get into any masters programme i want. I know some universities insist on having a degree average of above 60% for the llb to qualify for some masters programmes! Anyone doing a masters?

Now that ive completed the academic year with a reasonable amount of success i will take a mini break for a week or two and then get back to work!

I wish all of you a festive season filled with joy, love and properity!! Oh and good marks of course 😉




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    Thanks for your posts. I find you very encouraging. Well done on your results! What year are you in? May I ask why you would like to obtain a Masters?

    I only started mid-way through this year and I took five subjects. I have passed four out of the five with distinction so I am happy.

    I look forward to the New Year. I am doing 10 subjects between Semester 1 and 2 so I have a busy year ahead.

    All the best for the festive season.

    Kind regards

    Renee Graham
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    1. thanks! next year should be my final year, however i know some people are experianing difficulties with the change of the degree codes and syllibi, so will have to see how it goes!

      good luck with your year ahead, work hard and i hope you do well 🙂


  2. “May I ask why you would like to obtain a Masters?” because i want to 🙂

    i may feel i need to focus on a particluar aspect? if nothing strikes my fancy i wont bother wasting my time lol! i just want to make sure the options are open to me, so if i feel i want to challenge myself or learn more about a particular topic then i can do so, without having to worry too much about pre requisites.


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