Attorneys Admission Exams – Bar exams page updated

i have updated the attorneys admission page with FEB 2012 PAPERS.

thanks Loraine for your assistance, much appreciated!



  1. Hi. Does anybody know where they get the R12000 in the correspondent question (question 3) in the Aug 2005 paper for Bookkeeping? I am think it has got something to do with the party and party costs the mention as well as the new amounts the court gave for them to deduct. Please help


  2. hi

    Are the Attorney Exam question papers still available on this website?


  3. Hi are the attorneys admission exams available on this site, can’t seem to find them. I’m looking for the Feb 2014 ethics paper


  4. Please advise on past board exam papers. In desperate need of Feb and August 2014 estate papers. Please


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