UNISA’S exam timetable has all the provisional times and dates of future exams for the year ahead. I cannot even begin to emphasis the importance of this document!!

If you did not receive one after registration, go here >>

If you click the link you will be taken to a page that looks like this >> a unisa pvl typed in

as you can see i used PVL2601 as an example. You simply type in the module code you wish to do for the semester and click “Display”, and then you will go the the next page, which will indicate on what time and date the exam will take place.

That page will look like this>> a unisa pvl page

so if you enter multiple module codes it will show all the times and dates for the following exam period. like this >> a unisa x 4

why is this important? for planning and to ensure that your exam dates don’t clash, because if they do, UNISA will not take responsibility for you not attending the other exam or you failing.

Another important point to consider is for your own exam timetabe (planning). Because with the timetable provided by Unisa you can plan your exam studies well in advance. Yes sometimes unisa changes certain modules slightly but these do not normally effect your other modules, but it is still wise to check!

For me personally, i think this is a great tool, i can plan my entire year’s studies based on what unisa has provided.

Remember! studying at unisa is like having a job. YOU need to dedicate time everyday to study and focus, and during exam time even more so!

got something to share? let us know how you study

cheers!! tlg


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