gerry nel on oscar pistorius

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel at Oscar Pistorius murder trial



  1. Adair Mathers-Gasparian · · Reply

    Why wasn’t Pistorius asked why Reeva didn’t respond when he was yelling, “Get the F.. out of my house…” by saying something to quiet him, and even more significantly from a woman’s point of view, why would any woman grab her cell phone and go into the toilet and lock the door?


    1. Adair, these are vexing question which only the court can answer. IMO he probably did say “get the fuck out of my house”, but i think hes motives/reasons for saying/shouting those words are different to what he is making it out to be :).


  2. I think that Pistorius can honestly say that he had no intentions to kill Reeva. He fired the shots in anger, to frighten her. But he mistakenly
    thought that she was sitting on the toilet seat, if she was those shots would
    have missed her. I suggest that they argued, Reeva packed her bags to leave, Pistorius forcedly removed her jeans, hence they were found inside
    out. Reeva, being afraid, pretended to go to sleep, after a while, thinking
    that Pistorius was asleep, she crept into the toilet, locking the door, to phone for help. The rest we know as facts.


  3. Nqabakaise · · Reply

    The question is,shooting four shots at the door what was his intension,was he under threat that he intensionaly shot four shots?? or there’s another story behind these shootings but ofcourse logicaly there’s no evidence linking him that indeed his life was under threat when he fired at the door besides his testimony of saying so 😕


  4. For mr nel why did reeva have cell in toilet? Going to make embarrasing call( for oscar) to friend/someone. Oscar checked if she had or tried to. What did he get her for valentine days? Bracelet? For her? Or someone else?


    1. we will never know will we?


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