One month before my first exam


its one month to go before my first exam, after that i only have a few more left until im done!

I did receive some good news from Unisa. I got all my credits applied for and passed all my subjects first time last year, yes, it took that long to get that done. But, now that its all done, all have been credited to my llb, i have only 8 modules left to do.

Last year March i applied for six credits from another University, at first only 5 were credited, but i stayed on their case and was eventually rewarded with all six credits being granted. 😀 i must thank Tom Zietzling at the unisa ad hoc dept, his email is

I also got good news in the form of not having to do EUP in order to complete my degree, in an email sent from unisa it confirms that i do not have to do EUP to complete the llb….effing awesome! which means i do 6 electives instead of 5.

and i waited an age to get the official result from the unisa exams dept for my labour law result from december last year, they said i failed the exam, i applied for a remark….they were wrong!

now all i have left to do is fight for my money back from the remark, the rules say that if you pass after the remark your money gets refunded/credited to your account, unisa has not credited my account yet….hmmmm

good luck for exams, stay positive and have fun 🙂


cmon reply, it is more fun if you contribute :D

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