There is no easy path to success and doing well in your exams is no different. If you want the best results you need to put in the work. Cramming the week before your exam is often fatal to your success!

Make an exam timetable, setting out specifically what you will be learning each day, I cannot emphasize how important this is. 

One of the best scientifically proven ways to improve your marks and memory, is to replicate the environment in which you write your exams. By that I mean:  when and where you study must resemble the exam venue as much as possible, for example: it should be well ventilated, with decent lighting, on a wooden desk if possible. Basically you train your brain to perform in certain conditions.  I even learn the same time I will write the exam. I replicate every aspect of my exam venue. So when it comes time to do the exam my brain knows it’s time to perform. Eating chips and pizza while listening to radio or tv is not conducive to good memory retention, your brain will be focusing on too many things.

Avoid late night learning sessions, these are more apt to wear you out and make you tired. It has been scientifically proven that the average human being can lose up to 15 iq points by losing just 4 hours of sleep. Better results are often achieved though better planning. Late night studying has yet to prove an in increase marks.

There are certain foods that have known to increase memory and cerebral stimulation. These include fatty fish such as salmon. Another good food is banana.  One cup of coffee could aid too, provided you don’t go overboard on the caffeine. Caffeine is a mild stimulant, but when taken in large quantities it can overstimulate your central nervous system, this will not aid memory, in fact it has been proven to worsen memory and disrupt sleep.

Create an interest In the work you are learning, humans in general perform better at tasks they are interested in. colour code your work if possible, use mind maps –  whatever as long as it works for you!

Take ten/fifteen minute breaks between learning

Once you have done learning for the exam, and the exam is the next day. Then stop, don’t go back to the books. Let your brain put the info together for you. Get a good nights sleep.  While you are sleeping your brain will put the info in order, if you continue to study you will confuse your brain. Let you brain do the work for you while you sleep.

Good luck




  1. GirlDragon · · Reply

    I used to study up until an hour before the exam. Since I stopped my marks improved. A study done proved that people writing 24 hours after studying did the best of the group. The other participants wrote 12 hours later and 20 minutes later.


  2. Caesar Sihlali · · Reply

    law modules doesn’t have scopes for exam preparations purposes.


    1. thats why there is a text book

      what is “scope”?? wtf?


  3. jakesjantjies@yahoo.com · · Reply

    Sir madam Looking for pvl 3701 notes ptopetty law and medical notes lcr 4802 notes urgently please. With thanks


    1. dont have med law notes sorry
      check under the pvl3701 tab for notes


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