Lawblogsa has reopened, resumes as normal


i have reopened the blog after countless requests.

I initially intended to close the blog permanently, however i feel a sense of responsibility to students who wish to take advantage of the blog for academic purposes.

Some people have asked why i closed the blog.  The reason is two fold.  1:  This blog is costing me money to run, i make no revenue from this blog, the adverts you see are for wordpress, not me, in fact i have no choice in the matter, wordpress simply puts adverts up, nothing i can do about it… but that is not the main or overriding reason.

2:  The most important aspect of this blog is to provide a place or platform for students to share their knowledge or notes (thanks to those who have been kind enough to contribute) and express themselves through their work.  However i have noted on many occasions people unwilling to assist and in some cases just rude.  luckily i can control what is posted on this blog and delete it before it gets posted.  I was also particularly annoyed with an individual who sought it his mission in life to spread lies and accusations about this blog, all of which are unfounded and laughable, since nobody knows who i am lol(except a select few), this person and his affiliates have been dealt with.

Moving onto a more positive note:  The Blog will be changing soon and may include an app.  all changes are for the benefit of students and will remain free.

Please i urge students to share and contribute on this blog. Register (only takes two minutes) and share.  I opened this blog because i realised that many students dont have the means to access their material or dont know where to find it, so this is my attempt to centralise those resources.

Thank You




  1. Samukelisiwe · · Reply

    I, personally appreciate you and this blog and it has helped me tremendously. There will always be those few idiots in society unfortunately. Thank you for reopening the blog.


  2. Thank you….highly appreciated


  3. Hello tlg,
    I was not even aware that this was the case about the closure! But I am exceedingly happy that you have decided to keep it open.

    I am gaining so much from this blog and I intend to make my own however little contribution. As for those students who are able but unwilling to contribute, it is a great pity and unfortunate for this ‘dead sea’ approach to learning! Soon, one can only hope, they will have their own ‘Damascus experience’.

    I want to congratulate on this great blog and hope you will grow from strength to strength and karma will be with you!



  4. sandisiweblog · · Reply

    Thank U for coming back, I’ve mentioned before how studying has become a lot better through this blog .. your effort is truly appreciated ..

    Txs again 🙂


  5. Thank’s a million for reopening. Your website has been of tremendous assistance to me during PLT and it will continue to be so for my boards. You really are a life saver. God bless your soul.


  6. Glad that you’re back 🙂 Much Appreciated.


cmon reply, it is more fun if you contribute :D

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