Answering a question with a question?? How to win at failing

i have never understood why people answer a question with a question….

eg:   Q: hi guys can i please ask one of you to upload the gfy studyguide?   A: are you studying gfy?

wtf? seriously!  NO im not studying gfy i just want to waste your time and mine and my data and yours.  Just because im bored and feel like it. lol

In common sense world this kind of idiocy would be banned. for more than one reason.  one such reason would be: If you ask for something its because you need it (not talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll here) like study material.  Another reason would be because you may need it in the near future.  Yet another reason is because you simply want it. period!

Q: can i have a banana?   A: are you a monkey?

you starting to see a pattern here?  you dont have to qualify your need for something by answering that question. its a stupid question. why?  well firstly. can monkeys talk/type? no.  do you look like a monkey? no. so wtf does that have to do with you getting a banana? nothing!

and these people are in our universities…..

please for the love of sanity refrain from answering a question with a question…. it makes you sound like an idiot!

here are some ground rules ive thought of to avoid answering a question with a question:

1 if you dont know the answer just say “i dont know”

2 if you cant make out what it is they are asking, just say “i dont understand you”

3 if you dont want to, just say “no”

4 if you can, then say so

5 if you dont give a sh!t, just say “gfy”

there, an easy 5 step programme lol





  1. Can I ask a question?


      1. Do you think that the collective intelligence of human beings is increasing exponentially? And as more information becomes ‘common sense’ because it is either publicly available or communication is easier, that people will have fewer conversations and keep getting straight to the point?

        Ideally, do you think that modern technology has ruined storytelling by changing the way we interact?


      2. To your first question: no. Not exponentially. Studies and results from iq tests indicate we as humans are increasing in intelligence by an average of 1 to 3 iq points per decade. Unfortunately high iq is not indicative of common sense world. Yes it is true that with intelligence comes a portion of common sense, but even high iq cannot guarantee common sense. Common sense is not based on intellect alone, reason is needed to aid in the process. I could go on. But won’t bore you.

        Your second question: I don’t think people will have fewer conversations if common sense becomes more common. In fact the conversation may be more in depth with less of the drivel and more of the interesting info. Also not all conversation can be based or be in common sense world. That would make for a rather dull and mundane existence.

        Third question: yes we interact differently due to technology. But I don’t think it impacts too much on story telling since a certain amount of imagination is still needed for any story to be compelling. I have other thoughts on this but using my phone is a nightmare


  2. Nice and informative.


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