crw101 summary_of_cases_-_crw101u


crw2601-exam_q’s and answers

CRW2601U study guide notes

crw eadie v state



  1. Nthabiseng · · Reply

    Hello can please send me the link of criminal law on my email because I cannot view anything


  2. Nthabiseng · · Reply

    Hello can you please send me the link of criminal law on my email because I cannot view anything.


  3. Eaglette Thobejane · · Reply

    Thank you so much for the time you take to compile this blog. It is so helpful. Keep up the stellar job 🙂


    1. pleasure 🙂


  4. mpoleleng · · Reply

    Good day;
    i am studying Criminal Law with Unisa, i have been keeping up with the blog and its very useful, i was wondering if you can assist with any answers to past papers for this subject?

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  5. mpoleleng · · Reply

    good day;
    i have sent the question papers and answers for the exams i could find; please assist in getting more.


  6. Charlotte Burger · · Reply

    I wish I knew about this blog sooner… This will help a lot! Thanks


    1. Awesome!! glad to help


  7. Relebogile Mokoto · · Reply

    Thank you so much for all your help. God bless you on your kindness your material is highly enlightening



  8. Very helpful,keep up the good work


  9. talisha · · Reply

    Hi, Please can you upload the unisa study guide for IOS2601. Thanks


    1. The study guide should be under the “study material” tab In your myunisa page.


  10. do u have any study tips of remembering cases? as a whole?


    1. Read case make own noted.


  11. Hi there,

    Are the Q&A direct from UNISA feedback papers? I’m interested in the CRW2601 section you have on the blog. Are they your answers or the actual answers from UNISA lecturers…

    No insult intended, just want to check my facts.

    Thanks for this awesome blog!


    1. Ian… the q and a you speak of was donated to me by a woman. she did not specify where the answers came from, i am assuming she got the answers from feedback on assignments and info from the text book. i cannot personally verify every fact in the pdf but i have read through some of it and looks correct to me. please remember that most of this work is compiled by students and merely provide a platform from which that info can be shared among other law students. lawblogsa is therefore essentially an information sharing blog. keep that in mind when reading through the work so kindly provided by the students. thank you


  12. Menzi · · Reply

    I’m looking for summarized prescribed cases for CWR2602 (Specific Crimes) in 2015 Semester 1:

    S v Masiya 2007
    S v A 1993 (1) SACR 600 (A)
    S v Nkosi 2012
    S v Ndebele & Others 2012
    Ex parte Minister of Justice: in re R v Gesa; R v De Jongh 1959
    Mshumpa 2008
    S v Gardener & Others 2011


  13. Hi guys I’m looking for the Criminal law(specific crimes) unisa study guide. Could someone please kindly email it to


  14. wazooh · · Reply

    hi. im new to this blog but Id like to thank you!!! it sucks that I only found this blog later into the semester. anyways,
    thanx 🙂


  15. Banetsi Soko · · Reply

    Thank you so so much!


  16. very helpful.thanks alot.


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