1. Filippa Jacobs · · Reply

    Hi there:-)thank you for a great site! It has helped me a lot throughout my studies, there have been many times when I asked other Unisa students for past year papers, tutorials or the study guide yet none of them ever bothered to help me yet they said they would! Why I fail to fathom?! Ever since I discovered your site last year I didn’t have to beg selfish people lol and trust me some students are selfish!!! So thank you for your selflessness:-)by providing us with whatever resources you have:-)MwahzzZzzzz take care have an awesome New Year……..


    1. Thanks! im grateful for your comments. i try to help as many as i can, and hope others will assist where possible 🙂

      hope you do well in your studies 😀


  2. You must be an amazing person, Lawblog-guy 🙂


    1. thank you 🙂


  3. Sudhir N. P., M.D. · · Reply

    Oscar Pistorius (V. IMPORTANT) for Mr. Nel: case pertaining to 5th March testimony of witness, Ms. Burger. This pertains to victim screaming post-last/fatal head shot. Please do NOT disclose this source or my e-mail.
    As a woman is screaming loudly and frantically in a continuous scream, she is using her FEV-1 part of her FORCED EXPIRATORY VOLUME first and then FEV-2…, which is more forceful than her VITAL CAPACITY which is basically inspiratory and therefore slower and less forceful BUT requiring more active pressure or force. When the last head shot hit her, her heart will still beat for seconds to maybe minutes ( bradycardia first, then mixed hypoxic/neuronal/autonomic(parasympathetic or cholinergic part)->> brady/tachy/fibrillatory till complete ASYSTOLE) depending on the impact and extent of the bullet wound, she will have NO cognitive function left and NO inspiration (given that the Medulla Oblongata part of the midbrain is where the Respiratory Center is located with some higher neuronal connections and control in the Prosecephalon). BUT, her screaming, which is a part of her active expiratory effort or FEV-1 may continue for a second, maybe 2, maybe 1.5 depending on it’s intensity or the end of her EXPIRATORY VOLUME (and not FEV). It could have been drowned in the gunshot sound because the gunshot was louder and higher pitched (esp. a 9 mm which is a small bore round but does travel through a narrower bore pistol than a .45ACP, .357 mag or a .38 special but is less loud because less gunpowder in the case and lesser grained bullet) but ALL SOUND travels at the exact same velocity if it is through the same medium (as air in this case and the air here was the same in terms of temperature, humidity and all other physical properties, I presume).
    That much, I can help the prosecution very scientifically and to the point with my knowledge and field of expertise, if they happen to read my post. Leave the rest to the….rest.
    If you have questions about my explanation with 1) the victim’s scream or 2) gunshots, firearms or ballistics plz post and I can explain why-the mechanism; and how I suggested the answer. Legal stuff, I have no clue!! You lawyers fight it out.
    Jackson, MISSISSIPPI


  4. how do I get past papers or possible exam questions to work through?


  5. You are God sent. all your notes are on point. Thank you so much. Please dont give up in doing good. There are so many greatful students out there like me 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂


  6. Aili O · · Reply

    Hi there, I’m new here and do not know how the site actually work. I’m trying to find material for Forensic medicine and selected and criminal law principles of the internet, but to no avail.


    1. you wont find much on those two… good luck


  7. Hi there, I am also new here. I need something on medical law please. summaries that you guys might have. if possible, also, some notes on forensic medicine please.


  8. Hi, I am looking for any notes on lcr4801 and lcr4802 , registered in early dec 2015, but no study info has been loaded onto the unisa website, and all info regarding forensic medicine droawninf has been blocked on the website???????


  9. Hi, I am looking for any notes on lcr4801 and lcr4802 , registered in early dec 2015, but no study info has been loaded onto the unisa website, and all info regarding forensic medicine droawninf has been blocked on the website??????? would be great-full for any assistance


  10. Hi good morning , does anyone have summarized notes for forensic medicine? I need them urgently.


  11. hey there,

    i am looking for the study guide for LCR 4801 forensic medicine. Can anybody assist me with same?


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