i have never understood why people answer a question with a question…. eg:   Q: hi guys can i please ask one of you to upload the gfy studyguide?   A: are you studying gfy? wtf? seriously!  NO im not studying gfy i just want to waste your time and mine and my data and […]

I passed LML4804 first time.  That would be the honours Tax law module. I cannot even begin to describe how awesome this is, i thought that exam paper owned me!  I managed to pass. Now normally that would not be an achievement within itself, but for this module it most certainly is!! To give you […]

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Hi i have reopened the blog after countless requests. I initially intended to close the blog permanently, however i feel a sense of responsibility to students who wish to take advantage of the blog for academic purposes. Some people have asked why i closed the blog.  The reason is two fold.  1:  This blog is […]

LAW OF SUCCESSION PAGE IS UP http://lawblogsa.com/law-of-succession/ tlg