This is a first in a series of articles in which i attempt to help those students who cannot or do not know how to use the UNISA online platform optimally.  It will include pictures for easy referencing :), please note this is a first in a series of instructive articles, it is a basic outline of how to access certain sites using Unisa (like lexis nexus and juta) and information on those sites.

Please remember to stay awesome!

Step 1 is obviously to login to UNISA

home page

Once logged in go to your “Library” .. click it, you will open your library page

once on your library page you will see an option called “search library resources” on the left side of the page, click it

a slightly new page will open with new options… click the “find e-resources” link … as shown below

e res

An entire new page will open at the top it should say >

Search for information resources

look further down the page and you will see a list of options, under “Electronic information resources by type” click the option ” A-Z list of electronic resources” as shown below in the picture

resources by type

A new page will open … the main heading will read >

subject databases: a to z – a (off-campus)

under this heading you will see an A -Z as shown below in the picture.  Look for L click it and the page will show all resources and databases starting with L… in this example i have chosen Lexis Nexus South Africa , see below. click the lexis nexus link

lexis nexus (2)

A new page will open, asking for your unisa student number and password, type it in…see pic below

jasig login

A new page will open requesting you to type in your name and surname and email… do so.  it is once once off and you wont have to do it again… click enter. and…. the lexis nexus page will open .  see below

lexis nexus page

You are now on Lexis nexus.  you can now search all cases, reported and unreported, all legislation, all legal articles, basically anything you wish.  It may take some time to get acquainted with the search function since it has different settings.

You can go to the left hand tab click on any one of the listed subjects and they will open up, you can then click the specific subject matter you looking for and it will open up on the right side of the page. as shown below


You can also use the search function (the big red box at the top of the page) by typing in a phrase or citation as the case may be and the lexis nexus search engine will retrieve all the relevant cases, articles, legislation etc….

The above method of opening an electronic resource works for all e resources including, juta, africa journal online, and others.

This concludes part 1, learning how to access e resources on UNISA’s online library.

got any tips?  let us know by leaving a message below 😉

happy researching 🙂




  1. You a star 😘. Thank you very much ..


    1. cheers 🙂


  2. tintswalo · · Reply

    Thank you so much. I’ve been struggling with my research , now I see the light I am greatful God bless the work of ur hands


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