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There are many avenues available now days for unisa students, especially those concerning study groups, file sharing and online sharing.

There are those online websites that promote this. One advertises that they can assist you with forming groups and sharing information and file sharing…AT A FEE! one such website is http://www.togetherwepass.co.za/, these types of websites need to be avoided, they are a waste of money and in essence a scam, and ill tell you why.
Firstly because there are free facilities available on unisa’s site which enable all the above facilities and second because there is another site called studnoteswiki which provides all the above services for free and has even more available to the student. Thus you dont need to be paying R150 to form a group and share information already available for free on myunisa and studynoteswiki.

Secondly because you could use that valuable time and money on books, lunch or golf. Jokes aside, you can seriously do more with that money.

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  1. Dear LawblogSA,

    My name is Tabitha Bailey, and I am founder and CEO of Together We Pass.

    I am very concerned about your blog saying that Together We Pass is a scam. This infers fraudulent or illegal activity, and I can assure you that Together We Pass is a legitimate business that has been running for the past four and half years.

    Anyone is entitled to an opinion about whether they choose to join our service and pay the fee, but saying that it is a scam is a step to far. I have addressed your messages on StudyNotesWiki as well, and given a full explanation on why we have to charge for our service, and why we are different from the free forums. This is essentially because we pay staff to manage the groups personally day by day, and give the students a very personal experience.

    Accusing someone of a crime is a very serious thing to do, and it can seriously damage a companies reputation. I think a full apology is in order, and my lawyer says that the usual standard is for the apology to be published in the same place as the defamation and given the same prominence (e.g. size).

    If you would like to discuss this further please contact me on tabitha@togetherwepass.co.za. Together We Pass is always willing to engage with students,and answer any questions and criticisms they may have.

    Kind regards

    Tabitha Bailey


    1. Tabitha
      First off I was irrisponsible for the use of the word scam, you are quite right to be worried. I rescind that statement and offer you a full apology.
      However I still disagree with the fee being charged and as I stated in snw maybe another avenue for funding can be found, as I realise running a website can cost money.

      Take care


      1. Hi,

        Thank you for your quick response, and for your apology. I am glad that we agree that TWP runs a legitimate service.

        Thousands of students disagree with you the matter of TWP charging for our service, and have signed up for our service over the past four and a half years. That you feel for you personally you can benefit better from a free service is your own personal decision.

        I would be thrilled if we could find “another source of funding” but unfortunately I am not sure what the source would be.

        I wish you all the best in the future, and hope you have a fantastic 2013.

        Kind regards



  2. I wish you a good year aswell.
    I felt as a future advocate it would be irrisponsible not to take responsability for what I have said.
    Funding: have you considered advertiing or applying to the government or unisa for that matter for funding? Donations, competitions, raffles. Prizes don’t need to be excessive. A simple lady gaga ticket could suffice, or apple product.

    Have a prosperous year


  3. eeeeeek!!! you really have to proof read before you blog man 😦 some really bad grammar and spelling. still agree with you on everything though 😉


  4. what are you the english police now?????
    just kidding, ill fix those errors now. its just i dont have time to do all that stuff and learn and i have a full time job. so i just concentrate on getting the message out there.
    but ya i see what you mean now that ive read it again.

    thanks for visiting 😉


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